See Why Buhari will Run an Inclusive Govt – Amaechi


The minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari will run an inclusive government because he is “guided by the fact that Nigerians have suffered enough”.

Amaechi said this at a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, March 5, thanking Nigerians for voting the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the presidential and National Assembly elections.

He noted that the support for the ruling party in the south has tripled, adding that there is a difference between what the party recorded in the region in 2015 and at the just concluded 2019 polls.
“The support in the south increased, tripled as against what we had in 2015,” he said. He further stated that there was no voter apathy because people knew the APC would win the presidential election.

“Why will be there be apathy? Buhari supporters will say he has already won, if you see the crowd we pulled state by state, you will not want to vote,” the transportation minister said. “Borno people were hanging on trees, on rooftops.” The director-general of the Buhari campaign said it is important that prayers should be made for the souls of those who died during the campaign.

He also blamed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for some of the challenges that the nation is facing. “You said we should not blame PDP, we are not blaming PDP but I’m a student of history, history is the study of past event and the present,” he said. “The last money they left in the ECA was $2.5 billion… we are grateful for PDP, let’s not fight over this issue in court, let’s work together as friends and in four years time we come to another election and we encourage INEC that it is free and fair.

That is what the president is emphasising.”

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