Why I write this article about security in Abuja.

Security in Abuja is everyone’s business. One night coming back from the church with a friend, I ran into some guys, one on a bike and the other standing just by the side. This happened at the Gaduwa junction, along the Prince and Princess Estate road. The other guy on foot randomly started making troubles but later apologized. The time he got close for apology was when picked my pocket. I didn’t realize I lost my phone until few minutes later.

When I shared my experience with friends, they also shared their experiences and or the experiences of people they know. In the light of this, I decided I was going to write on the red spots in Abuja. This is to inform and educate, not to scare or defame. We can help improve security in Abuja by circulating helpful information as this.

Note: this article is not intended to project the beautiful city and center of excellence in bad light. On the contrary, it is meant to help both residents and visitors to maximize the benefits of the city and enjoy the security in Abuja. This is a beautiful city and practically glows at night. For your safety, pay attention to these places as mentioned subsequently in the article.

The city is progressive and continuously developing in both in infrastructures and security. Measures are constantly being taken and innovations employed to ensure Abuja stays safe for both residents and visitors. Security in Abuja is one of the many blessings of the city.

As a matter of fact, whatever idea presented in this article may no longer holder true at the time you would be reading this. This article is for the best interest of the general public. Let’s go.

Security in Abuja. photo credit: Nigeria Finder

In no particular other, these are the popular places in Abuja you should avoid at night if possible.

1: Apo Bridge

Apo bridge is  notorious for snatching of personal belongings. It is also crowded at day but scanty at night. Criminal elements use the cover of the night to melt out pains to pedestrians especially.

Few years ago a colleague was robbed of his phone and got stabbed in the process of trying to fight off the hoodlums.

Abuja generally is a beautiful sight especially at night, the street lights, flashes of headlight of cars, traffic lights and the cool Abuja evening breeze make walking in the street an attraction. Sometimes unsuspecting and unprepared citizens get caught unaware by this criminals.

Aside walking around for leisure, some persons may choose to walk home  either to save money, exercise the bones or for lack of transport fare. Quick advise is: whatever reason you choose to walk, walk in group, or walk without any valuables like phones, laptops or wallet on you.

2: Area 1 Roundabout.

The area 1 roundabout is the most likely place to get a connecting ride to the outskirts and satellite towns of Abuja like, Mpapa, Kubwa, Gwarimpa, Dawaki, Chika, Alita, Gwagwalada, Airport road, Lugbe, kuje, Iddo, etc on one direction, and Nyanya, Masaka, Mararaba, Apo, Guzape etc, on the opposite direction.

These towns house most of the people who come to walk in the city center either as civil servants or private organization employees, having an affordable rent fees. So naturally, Area 1 becomes very busy as it serves as the converging point for commuters going to different places.

This place has been popular for pocket picking and bag snatching. This area is always very busy till about the midnight. In the heat of the moment commuters who are struggling to get a connecting ride to their various destinations become victims to these hooligans. And people hardly noticed they are robbed until they get to their destinations or suddenly have needs for their mobile phones. In fact, even motorists are sometimes victims as belongings can be picked from your cars if glasses are down.

Quick advice, it’s much better to hold your mobile phone in your hands, not in your pocket, not in your bags. For drivers, don’t leave any valuables on the dashboard and wind up all glasses.

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3: Begger Bridge

Begger is as notorious as Area 1 roundabout for exactly the same reasons. Both Begger and the Area 1 roundabouts are on the same expressway. Birds of a feather…  what makes Begger scarier is the presence of bushes around the area. So a hoodlum can easily run into a dark place and you dear not go after if you love your life.

4: National Mosque axis

The National Mosque axis is about the most dangerous place in Abuja at night. Everything from stealing, car snatching and ritual kidnapping goes on here. The National Mosque sits in-between two major roads. Both of these roads, especially around or exactly under the bridges are to be avoided at night. The good thing is that you will see armed police men around these places at night, but they are not always there.

A relative once had a near death experience. As an uber driver he was attacked by ritualist kidnapers. The saving grace he had was that the kidnapers were hunting for a female victim. It was a harrowing experience. Except you are carrying a licensed gun, and a fan of Justice League, leave these paths alone at night.

5: Gwarimpa Bridge.

Gwarimpa 4th avenue under pedestrian bridge is another nightmare at night. This place bustles with all manners of business activities from morning till night. You will never suspect anything going wrong here. And it also serves as bus stop and park for those connecting to Mararaba, Mpape, Wuse, Area 1, etc.

The high volume of people and activities going on here makes the place a field for mischief makers. As recommended earlier, always hold your mobile phones in your hand, not in your pockets or in your bags. One of the ways to enhance security in Abuja is by being security conscious.

6: Galadimawa Roundabout

The Galadimawa roundabout is on another level. You can’t afford to snooze here. Everything mentioned in the other places are obtained here. Hopefully this will stop by the time the flyover and the roundabout are done. In the meantime, stay alert.

Other places to watch out and be careful at night in Abuja include but not limited to:

7: Gaduwa Junction

8: Nicon Junction

In the comment section, we will be glad to know what your thoughts are. We will be even more grateful to hear your experiences or how to stay safe. A lot of readers will benefit from your comment and we really appreciate that.

Quick tips on how to stay safe outside at night in Abuja.

Don’t walk alone.

It’s a common thing to see people walk for leisure in the the beautiful streets of Abuja. You just can’t resist the lures of the beauties of the city. For whatever reason you are doing this, don’t walk alone. Walk in pairs or groups. It’s easy to fend off any attack as a group than individual. Be safe.

Don’t walk with valuables.

For leisure walkers, don’t walk around with valuables as ATM cards, mobile phones or wallets. For those on transit, avoid having your phones in your pockets or hand bags. Keep it in your hand and be conscious of what is happening around you as you hustle to board home.

Avoid danger areas as much as possible.

Avoid all the places mentioned as red spot as much as possible. Abuja stands out for the beauty of it road networks. There are always multiple alternative route to get to a destination.

Share location with relatives using google map.

Your location can be tracked to the point you were before your phone goes off. It’s there in your smart phones, inbuilt. You don’t need any installations. Turn on your google map app in your phones, share your location. The link you share will remain active for 3 days. Those contacts you shared your location link to can track you with the link you shared up to the point your phone was up last. I personally use this feature whenever I go to inspect a new property with a client as a real estate agent. Learn to do this, it costs no extra money. See how to use google map sharing if you need any assistance.

Wind up glasses while driving at night.

For drivers, you should always wind up your glasses when at this red spots, filling stations, and traffics. This will save you a lot of heart aches. Security in Abuja is something everyone has to work for by first taking personal measures to stay safe.

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