Life in Abuja only gets better. Learn The Secret behind the massive love for Abuja for both residents and visitors. Who wouldn’t love a city like this?

image of abuja amazing road network
Ariel View of The Amazing Abuja Road. Credit: Aisha Kuta.

Welcome to Abuja.

Abuja is the capital city of the most populous Black Country in the world. It has a total land mass spanning about 1,769km2.  The city is bounded by other equally amazingly unique states as Nasarawa, Kogi and Niger state.

Abuja became the capital of Nigeria on December 12, 1991. The Gbagyi people are believed to be one of the original settlers of the town. Abuja has two major entrances and exits: the city gate and the Mararaba/Nyanya axis.

Here are the 10 amazing reasons people love to live in or visit Abuja.

1: The excellent road network in Abuja.

One of the complaints of visitors to Abuja is the road network but not for the wrong reasons. Abuja roads are world standard. Every street and district look frustratingly like the other. You could be in Maitama district and think you are in Asokoro. This is because the roads and streets amazingly look pretty much the same. The highways look exactly the same too.

The world class road infrastructure in Abuja is largely thanks to the then Minister of FCT, El-Rufai. El-Rufai was the FCT minister under the government of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Abuja has one of the best road infrastructures in the world. From the high quality of the roads, to the aesthetics of the road network designs, Abuja is a modern city. Abuja was said to be the fastest growing city in the world at a time.

A joke has it that people from Lagos Nigeria and other parts of Nigeria come to Abuja only to drive around. They leave the city with the feeling of travelling “abroad”. And then they go back to their bases feeling like they travelled abroad. Lol!

I think there are more highways, flyovers, roundabouts, bridges and pedestrian bridges in Abuja than all the West African countries put together. The crazy thing is that the surface has been barely scratched in terms of the City’s Master Plan implementation. Ok, this is surely an exaggeration! But the point is Abuja is a pace setter in terms of modern roads.

2 Abuja is Master Planned for 21st Century City.

The goal is to make Abuja a mega 21st century urban city.  The city is planned into districts, and has a total of 4 districts:

Maitama District.

Central District.

Garki District and

The Wuse District.

The thoughtfulness of planning the city makes it one of the most convenient cities to live in. It is also one of the easiest places to do businesses in the world. This also made development of the city smooth as projects in the city are done in phases, district by district.

Abuja has strategic locations. There are places for markets, rail stations and recreational parks. You also have places for religious houses and schools. The same goes for government buildings and civil service complexes. This is one of the reasons people love to live in or visit Abuja. Life in Abuja is planned. Beat that!

3 Availability and affordability of food in Abuja.

Contrary to what people think, food stuff in Abuja is relatively affordable. This is in comparison to other urban cities like Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt. This is primarily because Abuja is both a food producing city and also bounded by food producing states. States like Benue, Nasarawa, Kaduna and Niger, bring in enough supply to Abuja.

There is almost one major local food stuff market in all the LGAs in Abuja.

This markets include:





Mararaba Orange market.

Masaka market and lots others.

Farmers from other states use these markets as hubs. They distribute farm produce into the interiors of the city from these hubs. So, if you are planning of coming to Abuja, we are going to stuff you with food until you hunger no more. Life in Abuja is that satisfying!

4 Abuja has topnotch security.

This doesn’t make the city crime free. It means crime rates are relatively low. However, the security agents are usually up to their tasks when crimes occur. Does this come as a surprise? No! This is because Nigeria Police is rated as one of the best in the world by INTERPOL. And Abuja is the headquarter of The Nigeria Police Force.

We did a quick survey asking people what they love most about Abuja. 100 percent of the people interviewed mentioned security among other things. Despite the general security menace bedeviling the country, Abuja still remains the most peaceful and safe city in Nigeria. This explains why most expatriate communities prefer to stay in Abuja. Welcome to Abuja. Life in Abuja is safe!

5: Abuja City is Beautiful.

The visible aesthetics of the city is thanks to the visionary designers of The Abuja Master Plan. Abuja has everything an urban modern city should have.

There are more than enough places to chill or sightsee. These places include recreational parks and cinemas. Man-made lakes like the Jabi lake is one of these places. Others include gigantic malls like the silverbird gallery, the shoprite and Jabi Lake mall. The Abuja national stadium is awe inspiring too. The Usman Damn is a must visit site in Abuja. All these are to mention just a few.

6: Abuja is a place to have fun and spend money.

What makes Abuja stand out in this regards is the quality of the flex life in the city. So, it’s a maxim that Abuja is a place where the big boys come to blow money. Go hustle elsewhere, come blow the money in Abuja, low key.

This is one of the cities in Nigeria with the most quality social hangout facilities. Abuja is got quality restaurants. And it’s got breathtaking parks for both kids and grownups. Sporting facilities are topnotch; both indoor and outdoor. There are executive night clubs for the elites. Celebrities got cool hangouts too. Even ‘slay people’ got what is working for them. Abuja has masterfully designed hotels for almost any budget range. And this list is almost endless.

7: Abuja is religious tolerant.

Religious tolerance is one of the reasons both residents and visitors love Abuja. So, Abuja is open to people of all beliefs. And no direct or subtle restriction is applied to residents. The city typifies the stance that Nigeria is a secular state. Christianity, Islam and The African Traditional Religion remain the most popular religion in the city. However, religion is rarely a factor for living or visiting the city. So, the only religious demand for residents and visitors is respects for other’s belief. As far as this is adhered, we are all good.

It’s interesting to note though that some of the most magnificent edifices in the city are religious buildings. Few examples include: the National Mosque. The National Christian Ecumenical Center. The Cathedral of The Twelve Apostles. The Lords Garden. And the COZA auditorium. This is is to mention but a few.

So, are you are looking for a city to visit, or reside in Nigeria? City without any religious drama? You are welcome to Abuja. Life in Abuja is no drama.

8: Living or visiting Abuja is a status symbol.

So officially, Abuja is the “oversea” of Nigeria. It’s strange and funny, crazy and weird at the same time, how those who stay in Abuja are seen and treated as first class citizens. And those who visit add that to their CV. Lol!

This impression might be related to the fact that:

Abuja is the seat of power.

One of the most aesthetically planned urban cities in Africa.

The most serene and safe city.

And having good road network with little or no traffics.

If you look forward to changing how people perceive you, welcome to Abuja. Come and upgrade you social status by simply relocating to Abuja. Life in Abuja is class!

9: Abuja is loved by most residents and visitors for it calmness and serenity.

Everything in Abuja speaks calmness and serenity. And even though the population of the city continues to explode, somehow, it has managed to retain its calm ambience. In my opinion, this is attributed to two factors. One factor is the heavily horticultural decoration of the city. Everywhere in Abuja will just be looking like the Garden of Eden. So I think the environment produces the sense of relaxation in people. This is the reason Lagos people may never be “normal”. Sorry guys 🤣🤣🤣.

The second reason is because most residents are civil servants. This statistics is not verified and not official. Civil servants are generally not ballers. They make little or no noise. This is the direct opposite in cities where must dwellers are mostly entrepreneurs/hustlers.

10 Abuja has space for everyone.

There is a part of the city where you would live as a king. This is regardless your income level or social status. Thanks to the Abuja City Master Plan. The highbrow areas in Abuja include Maitama, Asokoro. Guzape, Gwarimpa, Central Area, etc are part of it too. And the low and middle income settlements include: Apo, Kubwa, Mpape, Garki. Durumi, Kabusa, Nyanya, etc fall this too. So, welcome to Abuja, whatever your budget is.

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